Getting Down To Basics with Dinners

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Southern Cooking Essentials Most people search the web for southern cooking but in the articles, journals or blogs, most of them don’t breakdown the steps into making the dishes as originally Southern as they come. Nowadays, there is a misrepresentation of what Southern recipe is. For example, if you see cooking instructions that has sugar as an ingredient for corn pudding, then it is not Southern. As a Southerner, I believe I have the authority to say I have never come across a corn bread made by a Southerner that includes sugar. Corn bread for the Yankees is what they are called. That is cake, not cornbread. Back to the subject at hand, assuming you have real Southern recipes, you can still wind up with a dish that is not truly Southern if you do not employ Southern cooking techniques.The difference between a just there dish and an awesome dish is in the technique applied. Applications to the Cooking Majority of southerners fry their food. Therefore, for the most part, Southern cooking is not low fat. You can have a say in the amount of oil present in the food by your choice of cooking oil. If the fat is a major worry, don’t use saturated oils. Sunflower oil or even soya can substitute for them. For dishes cooked on low heat, olive oil can be used. So just brace yourselves for a lot of frying in Southern recipes.
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Traditional Southern cooking calls for cast iron. You should obtain an 8 and 10 inch skillet and medium pot for your cookware. Compared to other utensils, cast iron is quite cheap and more often than not be purchased at a thrift store. Cast iron causes burns readily if not careful as it retains heat for a long time. It is a good conductor of heat. Corn bread should be cooked in a skillet and have its own special skillet. A cast iron should be warmed before use as most recipes require that. Regular Milk vs. Buttermilk: In most situations, when a recipe calls for milk, in Southern cooking, you would use buttermilk. The use of buttermilk in biscuits is recommended. It provides a unique flavor that screams “Southern”. For those of you that don’t keep buttermilk, a few tablespoons of vinegar mixed with regular milk should do the trick. Stir and let sit about a minute. Tada! There’s your secondary option butter milk. Cooking Time: Many Southern dishes (mostly vegetables) are cooked much longer than you would find in restaurants or homes in other parts of the country. Veggies like black eyed peas, and spinach especially. Southern veggies are more like not crisp or crunchy. They are tender and flavorful. This inference cannot be applied to fried okra. Okra is cooked until nearly burned, It is coated with cornmeal and is, indeed, crunchy. The frying of the okra after coating in corn meal is done to the extent of it almost being burnt.But veggies such as beans or black eyed peas are cooked until tender. Spice One of the different methods of Southern cooking is in the choice of spice. Spicy (hot) flavors are seldom used except for cajun cooking, which is a style of cooking all it’s own. Onion, bacon and salt are used extensively for seasoning. Spaghetti, beans or anything boiled is paired together with salt and onions. The combining of specific foods is to create a Southern cuisine is not really a technique. Pairings such as black eyed peas and flat breads: cornbread and green beans are most likely in the South. Thinking of getting your family on the Southern train, look up a recipe, apply the above steps or try out a restaurant serving authentic recipes.

Setting Up A Hobby Blog? Here Are Some Tips To Make It Worthwhile

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Besides the regular grind of routine, many of us share some passions and liking for extraordinary hobbies. From Amateur Radio to Beekeeping – not everyone has the luxury of pursuing these. Hence, blogs which talk about hobbies and interests gain tremendous popularity, almost as though they are on a commercial level. But what does an ideal hobbyist need to include in her blog? This article deals with a few tips and suggestions, which you can add to a blog about your hobbies and interests.

Author’s Profile

A hobby blog is incomplete without the profile and contact information of the author. Some authors like to stay anonymous or use a pseudonym, but those who really want to promote and propagate their hobbies will share their contact information so that similar hobbyists and people from the same interest group can contact them to spread and share ideas. There are many ways to share your contact information and still keep certain sensitive details private. Having a contact form on your website is also another way of allowing people to contact you without revealing your email address or other personal information.

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The whole purpose of a hobby is to have some non-commercial activity, which is like a release or relief from your routine life. This means that you have acquired information which is not for professional use or for making money and the best way to give back to the hobby or enhance your knowledge of it, is to share the sources from where you learnt and give people tips and advice about them.

Basic Advertising

Although a hobby blog is not meant for commercial purposes, you could definitely do with some additional pocket money to offset the domain and hosting cost. Placing automated Advertising banners or setting up a Pay-Per-Click system can bring in a significant amount of revenue. Infact, if the blog is popular and well received by co-hobbyists, then professional product and services companies for your hobby may offer to place banners on your website and give you a regular compensation for it. This way, you don’t need to bother about sprucing up the website or hiring a design agency to help you give it a more stylish look.

Multimedia: Videos and Podcasts

Text blogs are a thing of the past. With audio and video streaming becoming more popular, bloggers are also resorting to sharing their hobby ideas and successes with the world using multimedia. While podcasts are also catching steam, video blogs or vlogs are an all time favorite for lazy readers. Putting up a gallery of videos will definitely attract more people to your blog or website. Since it is an amateur blog, there is no need to use fancy equipment or cameras, even a mobile camera and some sense can help you shoot great videos for the hobby. With GoPro and outdoor cameras becoming more popular, you can give your website or blog audience a bird’s eye view or point of view which you can actually see, making the experience even more realistic. This means that you can get a host of subscribers who will regular tune into your audio video feeds, thereby making you a sort of rockstar.

How to Grow Your Business Blog Traffic

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Blog traffic says a lot about your business website, it simply means that people are redirecting to the said page and reading what actually was written there. At times, it usually depends on your blog content and how you construct the layout of your blog as a whole. In this social media era, it is very important to have a good content to go with your product or services.

Growing your blog traffic does not happen overnight. It is a gradual process and requires time and effort to create strong links that will lead people to your website. Getting traffic is not as easy as getting an auto surfer to visit your site. If you want to transform your website into a reliable resource online, you will need to build traffic the organic way.

Various digital marketing platforms prioritized creating powerful content for their websites. They also they have invested so much in understanding the market, its trends and its online behaviors. To further have an effective business blog and increase its traffic, here are some tips you may consider:

Be a pro

Blog says a lot about your business and how it was fully constructed. It is best and it is ideal to undergo proofreading, maintain consistency, and ensuring that all landing pages linked to the website blog are working well. Doing it like a professional makes your business and keeping it concise adds more to it. Always check for broken links and try to build credible links to your website coming from respectable websites as well.

It’s all about content

It is easy to share links on social media to gain more traffic towards your website but content is all that matters. When you have good content, it uplifts your company and your brand as a whole and it does create a good impression to everyone who will read it. Creating reader worthy content that is up-to-date, informative and timely also helps in getting your website ranged in search engines. Google is very keen in penalizing blogs and websites that fails to comply with its standards. This might cost you the possibility of generating income from Google AdSense and other similar programs.

Utilize social media

Social media is a very important aspect in most of the target market you would want to tap online. Create pages for your blogs and constantly update it with content, updates and other information helpful for your site and its readers.

Sympathize with your readers

Your content should always sympathize with what matters for your target market or readers. This is not about you but about your readers. Offer them something they need, want or may need in the future. Doing so helps in building your subscribers list and generating traffic at the same time.